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Share updates about your product

Keep your users informed about your product updates .

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They will love it!

Collect valuable user feedbacks (and bugs)

Ask your users for trade-off feedbacks on what's really important.

Let them notify you on Telegram for a new feature request or a new bug.

Multichannel ready

Write one and publish the same update on different channels with a single click.

Integrations available with Telegram, Twitter, Todoist, Makerlog and more to come.

    Todoist  Getmakerlog
More features...

And there's more.

  • One account, multiple projects.
    Manage more projects within the same account.
  • Increase the conversion rate.
    Gamify the feedbacks collection process, get the customer contact and increase your conversion rate
  • Collaboration.
    Give selective access to your team members and use them for continuous improvement and growth.
  • Keep the customer in the loop.
    Track which features/bugs the users voted for/submitted and notify them when news are available.

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